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Murree and Talagang Become Districts Again

The Punjab government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) have officially recognized the constitutional status of Murree and Talagang as distinct districts. Deputy commissioners have been appointed for these new districts, and the ECP has updated its records, including the seats of national and provincial assemblies, as well as voter details, under the names of these new districts in the election voters’ list.

As a result of this transformation, the number of national and provincial assembly seats in Rawalpindi and Chakwal districts has been adjusted, along with changes in the number of votes.

Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi, a seasoned bureaucrat, has been designated as the Deputy Commissioner (DC) for Murree district, with his appointment formally endorsed by the Punjab government. This change has increased the total votes in Murree district to 290,931, comprising 152,470 male and 138,461 female voters. The newly-created district will now have one seat in the National Assembly and two seats in the provincial assembly.

Talagang, as a new district, now has a total of 421,204 votes, including 215,101 male and 206,103 female voters.

With the establishment of Murree as a separate district, the number of votes in Rawalpindi district has decreased to 3,259,498, with National Assembly seats reduced from seven to six and provincial assembly seats to 13.

Simultaneously, the formation of Talagang as a new district has led to a reduction in the number of votes in Chakwal, which now stands at 767,482, comprising 388,582 male and 378,900 female voters.

In contrast, the total number of votes in the Islamabad district has risen to 1,041,554, with three National Assembly seats remaining unchanged.

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Furthermore, the total votes in the other two districts of Rawalpindi Division have increased to 1,098,912, with 588,935 male and 509,977 female voters.

It’s worth noting that the district status of Murree had been altered in the past, but recent political changes and decisions have restored its district status, contributing to the restructuring of the Rawalpindi Division.

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