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Nepra Announces a Rs1.46 per Unit Increase in Electricity Tariff

In Islamabad, on Friday, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) granted approval for a power tariff increase of Rs 1.46 per unit, citing it as a fuel cost adjustment for the month of July 2023.

Nepra’s decision to approve the tariff adjustment followed a request for an electricity price hike. The extra amount will be collected from consumers in their bills for September 2023.

An official statement clarified that the tariff increase would not apply to K-Electric or Lifeline consumers. The regulatory body plans to release a comprehensive verdict later, with the final decision regarding the power tariff increase to be made by the caretaker federal government.

Previously, Nepra had approved a Rs1.11 per unit tariff increase for hydropower electricity. The new unit price for hydropower has been raised to Rs 4.96, up from the previous rate of Rs 3.85 for the period 2022–23.

Additionally, the regulatory authority mandated the Central Power Purchasing Authority (CPPA) to conduct a capacity assessment of WAPDA hydropower stations. It specified that this assessment should be carried out separately for each station, with the findings to be submitted to Nepra.

This tariff adjustment in hydropower rates comes amidst protests in various Pakistani cities against the high electricity bills. Angry demonstrators not only voiced their discontent but also demanded the government’s removal of additional taxes on electricity bills. In the midst of these protests, the caretaker administration is engaged in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to seek relief for the general public.

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