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Pathaan (Watch Now)

The protagonist of PATHAAN is a dedicated agent who works for the nation. General Qadir of Pakistan (Manish Wadhwa), who is furious about the Indian government’s decision to remove Article 370, plans to get retribution in 2019. He enters into a contract with Jim (John Abraham), a notorious terrorist with a profound hatred for India. Meanwhile, RAW’s Nandini (Dimple Kapadia) catches a glimpse of a strange woman in France who has some sort of history. As a result of this development, she makes the decision to meet Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan), a former top agent for India who has allegedly gone rogue.

Shah Rukh Khan returns to the action genre with new toys and a lot more bombast in Pathaan, the heartwarming tale of an Indian boy who puts his nation before himself. In the expansive spy universe of the Yash Raj banner, where writers take pieces of the actual world and accelerate them at escape velocity, SRK is back in shape.


Pathaan had met Rubina Mohsin (Deepaka Padukone) three years prior, and things started to go south for him after that. In order to create a spectacle free of secrets that is safe for the sensitive and gives fans of Hollywood spy agents something to cheer about, director Siddharth Anand here draws on current events like the repeal of Article 370, Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir, bio-warfare, and mysterious viral attacks.

It centers on an aged Indian secret agent (Shah Rukh) who assembles a group of retired spies to operate in areas where red tape is ineffective. It goes at a dizzying pace and is set in locations all over the world. Jim (John Abraham), an insider who has gone rogue and is working with a Pakistani commander to attack India, is their enemy. Along the way, Pathaan encounters ISI operative Rubina (Deepika Padukone), whose keen sense of style is contrasted with her clumsy designs.

The authors portray a scenario in which terrorism has been commercialized and mercenaries’ services are accessible to the highest bidder rather than hunting for the bad guy in a particular religion or nation. Besharam Rang, the movie’s supposedly contentious song, makes reference to this colorblind adversary who has no qualms about putting money before people. More significantly, the movie explores the meaning of nationalism in relation to how you regard your mother, your partner, or your country.

Like in the past, the writers have provided the villain with a compelling backstory and given the hero the power to put him in his proper place. The personal and the political have been expertly merged. One such case is the cancerous Pakistani general who harbors bad intentions toward India. Unexpectedly, the US isn’t mentioned in the geopolitics of the narrative; instead, Russia serves as a crucial ally, and an orphaned Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) learns his origin while on a mission in Afghanistan. Moreover, the movie makes a distinction between political influence and a global recession rather than generalizing Pakistanis.