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Petrol Price Will Drop Soon, Government Hint

Karachi: The Caretaker Minister for Information, Murtaza Solangi, suggested on Saturday that there may be a reduction in petrol prices in the upcoming fortnightly review. This optimism stems from the significant strengthening of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar, a development that has occurred due to recent administrative measures implemented by the caretaker government.

Speaking to the media at the Karachi Press Club, Solangi stated that the rupee had appreciated by Rs 30 to Rs 35 against the US dollar as a result of these measures.

Regarding the upcoming elections, the minister affirmed that the interim government is committed to assisting the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in ensuring free, fair, and transparent polls in the country.

Solangi further mentioned that the government has been taking various steps to improve the country’s economic situation, and these efforts have yielded positive outcomes, including a decline in the price of the US dollar.

It’s worth noting that on September 15, the government implemented a substantial increase in petrol and diesel prices, despite earlier promises of providing relief to the public. Petrol prices saw a substantial hike of Rs 26.2 per liter, resulting in a new price of Rs 331.38 per liter. Additionally, diesel prices increased by Rs17.34 per liter, reaching a new price of Rs329.18 per liter. In just one month, the caretaker government raised petrol prices by Rs58 per liter and diesel prices by Rs56 per liter.

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